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Global FM is a Registered Private Company focusing on the Training of students and Consultancy in Facilities Management. 
We are registered with the QCTO (Accreditation number: QCTOSDP01190724-1755)


Our Vision:

Global-FM strives to be an outstanding national accredited academic institution of learning in the education learning environment focusing on Facility Management.


It strives to be a place of quality and is committed to excellence in teaching, learning and work-place related research.


Global-FM commits to provide training programs to better the professional facility management knowledge, insight and motivation to learners resulting in the overall organisational flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of its clients.


Our Mission:

In pursuit of its vision, Global-FM will strive to produce outstanding accredited learners whom are innovative, analytical, balanced and adaptable, with a life-long love of learning.


Our values


Accordingly, the institution undertakes to be


  • A leader in education that is recognized nationally and internationally for academic excellence, with a strong focus on quality

  • Known for its competitiveness and local relevance through continuous innovation

  • Further global perspectives among its staff and learners, thereby strengthening intellectual life and contribution to South Africa’s reintegration in the worlds facility management community

  • Develop effective structures and conventions of governance, which are democratic, transparent and accountable

  • Encourage and provide opportunities for lifelong learning through programmes and courses

  • Co-operate fully with all stakeholders to develop an excellent furthered education system

We comply with the national POPI Act
(Protection of Personal Information Act)

About Global-FM School for Facilities Management

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