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QCTO Level NQF 6 Facilities Management Qualification -

Curriculum Code 102147

This qualification has been designed to be presented over 2 years, totaling 262 credits in total.


During the first year the theoretical component will be dealt with, and during the second year the practical skills component and log book component will be addressed.  SAFMA will be the quality assurer – thus this qualification will also be in line with the SAFMA professional designation registration.

The qualification will be presented by means of a combination of blended learning and coaching. 




The Knowledge Modules of this qualification includes the following:

1. Fundamentals of Facilities Management

2. Principles of Facilities Management Strategy and Policy Development

3. Facilities Manager Leadership and Management

4. Corporate Governance and Business Continuity

5. Moveable and In-moveable Asset Management

6. Procurement and Contract Management

7. Concepts underpinning Facilities management

Total credits Knowledge Module:        87 credits    


Practical Skills Modules:

For this part of the qualification a Practical Log book with specific tasks needs to be completed and signed off by the student’s coach as method of evaluation/performance assessment.


1. Communication for Facilities Managers

2. Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

3. Environmental Stewardship and sustainability

4. Financial Management for Facilities Managers

5. Manage employee Performance

6. Facilities Management Strategy and Policy development

7. Facilities Management Operations & Maintenance

8. Plan and manage Facilities Management Projects

9. Facilities Management Quality Management

10. Real Estate & Property Management

11. Technology in Facilities Management

12. Space and facilities Planning

Total credits: Skills Module:        101


Work Experience Modules: (year 2)

For this part of the qualification evidence will have to be provided by the student and /or coach that the student has been exposed to the facilities management industry as method of evaluation/assessment.  Aspects of the work place experience will need to cover the following:


1. Prepare and Conduct Workplace Communication

2. Monitor environmental Stewardship and sustainability

3. Monitor Employee performance

4. Monitor facilities Management Operations & Maintenance

5. Evaluate Facilities Management Quality Management

6. Plan and manage Facilities Management Projects            

7. Utilize technology in Facilities Management

8. Space and facilities Planning

9. FM strategy and policy interpretation

Total credits: Work Experience Module: 74


Total credits: 262.


As SAFMA (South Africa Facilities Management Association) is the Quality Assurance Professional Body, the student may also register as a Certified Facilities Professional (Designation ID 488) with SAFMA.


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